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Bo's Mobile Music Factory

I Play For you

     Party Pictures ... All The Fun​​

A Long time in the makeing......... A Long time in the makeing......... Wedding DJ, 1988 I have been at this along time : ) 195482693 From way back in 1989 A long Way back 195482694 Live on the Air 195482695 Another in Studio 195482696 Bo And Angie Baby The Scene ......What A great Show we had. 195482697 On The Air Live !!! At a Remote Event some where in time. 195482698 Bo and Friends New Years Eve 2014 A Private Party What a Blast 195482699 Even I was a Groom once 202018096 Any hall, Or Any where you need Where Ever your Reception or Event Well be there. 197722419 Under The Stairs Where ever we need to be, We still deliver The Music 198900535 Allready for your Wedding Going over the time line to make sure everything is rite on Time . 200488399 The Logo 200488405 Happy Holidays 200488767 This Is why I do What I do This touched my heart Thank you my friends 202017948 Barron Von Rock From my Metal Days 202017949 Hard working And loving every minute of it 202017950